This storm is hitting close to home.

First the sun begins to set behind the light gray clouds, sometimes its sudden, other times it’s a slow build up.

Second, they begin to darken. There is no sparkle of sun left as the sun is slowly engulfed.

Third, echoing thunder and earth shattering lightning is expressed. Random rage felt thunder and lightning.

Then fourth, the clouds can’t bear the weight any longer and the rain comes crashing down along with the echo’s of thunder and rage felt lightning.

No matter where you go, where you turn, the rain just keeps dropping and dropping (unless of course you’re in shelter).

Sometimes storms are short, sometimes its only the clouds that appear. Other times the storms are long lasting and you question when they will end.

All storms are different in the sense of how dark the clouds are, how loud the thunder is or how heavy or light the rain pours.

Some dread at the sight and feeling of rain, others surpisingly embrace it and go dancing in it.

Though I never truly experienced the forth stage of a storm, I know that in time, the sun will emerge from the abyss of the clouds. No matter how dark it seems, how loud the thunder hits or how blinding the lightning can be, the sun will rise again. If you wish to experience the joyful sight of a rainbow, you must endure the storm. It’s a cycle.


TL;DR Storm + Human experience = Metaphor/Hang in there/This too will pass


Read/Watch The Count of Monte Cristo…

Life is a storm, my young friend…


Its raining.